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I am not your typical “psychic”,rather I am part of a dying breed.To be honest with you,I do not classify myself as a psychic nor a tarot reader.Down the line in my family tree there is a number of family members whom have an ability,if not more than one. Well in the experience department I have thirteen full years and going under my belt. I have been aware of my abilities since the age of 9. I am a Clairsentient, Clairvoyant and also have the abilities to remote view things as well.Please contact me , you wont regret it!


Languages: English

have 13 years in experience with tarot,clairvoyanacy,clairaudio,and also 5 years in remote viewing.


My services raw tools such as.clairvoyancy, clairaudio, clairsetient ,remote viewing,tarot/cartomancy


13 years-clairvoyancy
13 years-clairaudio
13 years-clairsetient
5 years -remote viewing
13 years-tarot/cartomancy

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